Ways of Using Social Media to Increase Visitors of Your Website

Social media has become important part of marketing. As what most people know, social media users can spend some hours for scrolling in their accounts to check the posts. This is good chance to gain benefits, and that is why many businesses and brands also use the social media. However, social media can only provide limited information. In the end, website is still the place to show and share more complete and detailed information. That is why social media and website can support each other. That is why it is important to know how to use the social media to increase the traffic and visitors of website. 

There are many ways to do it. In this case, people should keep in mind that both of them work hand in hand. Social media will become the place to make people interested to certain content of brand or business, and later it can be used to direct the social media users to visit the website. These are some possible ways to do it.


  1. Complete the profile
    Each platform of social media provides space to show the profile. Even if it is short and limited space, it is still enough to show the profile of brand. Of course, there is always spot to show the website link. That is why information about the website should be posted since social media users may check the profile to know more once they are interested to the content or posts in social media. On the other hand, website should also show the social media accounts. 
  1. Promote the blog or website content
    Social media can become the windows to post the new or latest content. It can be in a form of screenshot of title and some parts of the content. That is why it is important to make interesting title to attract the attention of people. Then, it is also possible to share some good words or quotes taken from the content. It can be the thesis sentences or other parts that have higher chance to attract or trigger people so they want to read more about the content. 
  1. Post in effective time
    Your website will gain more visitors from the social media and its posts. However, it is important to know the perfect time to post the content in social media. Fortunately, there are many researches regarding the most common time when social media users check their accounts and the posts. In this case, website owners can check the details of effective time and post the new contents during these peak hours. Each social media platform may have different favourite time, so it is important to check each of them.


People consider social media is more convenient than the website. That is why brands and businesses can show interesting contents. These will attract their attention and raise their curiosity. By doing this way, they may want to check the website to get detailed information. That is why it is important to make good posts. One of the best posts is when it utilizes graphic or videos instead of just word or picture. Then, it is important for the brand to become communicative and responsive. Maintaining good interaction with the users is important since later it will make them convenient and it can boost the reliability. When these all work well, it is just the matter of time for the website to have higher traffic.


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