Various Options of Internet Search Engines

In the era of internet nowadays, the use of internet keeps increasing. This is utilized for various purposes. One of them is to get various kinds of information. In this case, search engine is the one that is needed to know and get various information. To get desired information, it can be done easily. You only need to type or input keyword in the search engine and press enter. After that, many search results will appear showing various links of websites containing the keyword. This is surely much easier to do than using encyclopedia. When you want to find word in other languages, it is also easier since you only need to type the word and you do not need to open dictionary anymore. Even, you already get the proper pronunciation for it.

When it talks about search engine, people mostly refer to Google. Because of its popularity, even people say "google-ing" when they want to search something by using search engine. It is true that currently Google become the one with biggest number of users. It is very easy to use and even most SEO or search engine optimization will also focus on Google. However, it does mean that there is only Google that can be used. Other options can be found as alternative of search engine.

  • Bing
    Bing is search engine developed by Microsoft. Those who use operating system of Windows for the PC and default Microsoft Edge as browser, mostly will be directed to Bing as the search engine. This also becomes the second biggest search engine so far. The function is not too different from Google. However, it is convenient to use when you want to use it to find videos. You get thumbnail of videos that can be directly played for preview and you still can hear the sound or audio of the video.
  • Yahoo
    This was popular search engine before the appearance of Google. It can be said that it is older than Google, but later the growth and popularity cannot match the Google search engine. Since the development of Google, Yahoo is considered as outdated in term of performance and function. However, it is still useful. Moreover, Yahoo also provides access to make Email. There is also news that can be read directly from the page of Yahoo.
  • DuckDuckGo
    Thirdly, there is DuckDuckGo. This is popular among users who prioritize privacy in using search engine. It is because the search engine is harder to get tracked once someone look for information through the search engine. In term of content, it can be considered special since many things can be found in this search engine. Even, videos can be searched and later can be played directly from the search engine. This is surely useful. There are also many interesting features that cannot be found in other browsers.

Those are some popular search engines that can be found nowadays. For people in China, they mostly use Baidu and it becomes the main search engine in there. The interface is in Chinese since it is dedicated for local citizens. However, it may not be convenient to use by other people since some contents are blocked and censored based on the regulation of government of China


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