Understanding What Is SEO for Beginners

In this current era, the internet becomes one of the best media for business. Internet helps us to do online shopping, selling and introducing our new product. Besides using social media, business owners can start making a website as their official online shop. Official website will help customer to see more about certain product. In making a website, they should use SEO or Search Engine Optimization to create better traffic for your website. 

What is SEO?

SEO is commonly used as the way to increase the number of visitors to visit your website in a couple of months. Everybody must agree that using SEO is the best thing to improve the traffics on the site. It will help Google or other search engines to find your website easily. Google will recommend it to searcher because the web has good criteria to be the best website you should visit.

Why Do We Have To Use SEO?

In doing online business, it is important to use SEO, so, the customer can find the product or brand easily. Especially for popular products, sellers must get customers' attention to visit our website.

When you use good SEO, your website will be on the top list of searching results. As the survey shows, people will only look and visit the link or website on the first result page. Especially for the top three websites, they gain 70% traffics from internet users. It is really rare that searcher directly move to the next page to find another result.

After all, SEO is useful because:

  1. It increased the website traffic or visitors
  2. It helps your web to be on the first page of search engine result
  3. It helps customers to find the products or website easily

How Does SEO Work For Our Website?

Google, as the most used and popular search engine in the world, has certain categories and algorithms to determine the best and suitable website for the first page. Google will find the most relevant result that matches the keyword and the best quality of the web. This is the reason why we must have a high quality and useful website.

The useful website must contain relevant and useful information so people will come back again to find other useful info on the same website address. When doing SEO, we have to pay attention to two main topics.

  1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO is an indicator that can be found easily from the page of the website. The on-page SEO focuses on the content, keyword, internal link, image, or illustration, and easier to be handled.

  1. Off-Page SEO

Different from On-page SEO which can be handled by our self, off-page SEO is about all link building, forum posting, video, and social media inserted in the website. 

How To Get SEO Experience?

Currently, many online services help you to SEO your website. The price will vary depending on the duration and indication. However, first of all, you can start by improving your internal website first to make it easier to be accessed.

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