Some Important Ways of How to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube becomes one of the biggest video streaming platforms. Many kinds of video can be found in this platform. These are created by content creators, but it also becomes the places for companies and entertainment industries to publish their products or other contents. In this case, now all people are getting aware of potentials provided by YouTube, and one of them is to make money. It is not something impossible to get money from YouTube. It can be direct money coming from ads and other facilities provided by YouTube, but it can also be indirect way in which someone gains popularity from their contents and later get jobs from it.


There are some methods to gain money from YouTube. There are many content creators who can earn millions of dollar from the platform. However, it does not mean that it is easy process. There are efforts to make such achievement. The point is that YouTube provides the means, while the amount of money depends on everyone’s effort. These are some ways to make money from this platform.


1.     Get money from the ads


First method is to get the money from the ads. Ads can provide the money. However, there are some points that should get attention. The main way is to monetize the video. The menu is already provided in the setting of YouTube. In this case, at least the account must have certain numbers of subscribers and watch-time. Then, the ads will only give the money once the viewers see the ads or click the ads itself. When the ads are skipped, there will not be any money coming from it. That is why it is important to have interesting contents and loyal viewers who want to spend around 10 to 30 seconds to watch every ads appearing in the video.


2.     Get money from YouTube Premium

YouTube is fully aware that some viewers do not want to get disturbed by the ads whenever they stream the videos. That is why there is premium subscription. This is one of the ways to help the viewers to avoid the ads. Of course, it gives nothing special for content creators. Even if they do not get money from ads, when premium subscribers watch the video, there is also money obtained and there is already fair calculation for this aspect.


3.     Selling merchandise


Once there are loyal viewers, it is possible to sell merchandise from the content. It is true that it is dedicated for loyal viewers who always support the content creators, and they love the products that they make, including videos and other contents. With the merchandises, it can raise the income or money obtained from the YouTube.


Things sound easy, but it needs long processes. The main point is to find targeted viewers and create good contents to impress, inspire, and entertain the viewers. By doing this way, they will not skip the ads and keep watching the videos. What is also important is about the regulation of contents made by YouTube. There are some regulations that must be followed so the content will not be taken down or the money obtained from the ads is reduced. YouTube already shows the policy and rules clearly, and content creators can focus on each of the point to avoid any violations.

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