Other Options of Search Engines Besides Google

Nowadays, internet has become necessary parts of human life. It may not have physical shapes as equipment and tools, but there are many things that can be obtained by using the access of internet. In this case, one of them is information. When it talks about information and internet, it cannot be separated from the existences of search engines. People can easily find information that they need as easy as typing certain keywords in the search engine. Later, various websites and links will be provided that are suitable with the keywords input in the search engine.

Search engines are surely useful. So far, it can be said that Google becomes one of the most popular search engine that can be found. It cannot be separated from the existences of Android devices developed by Google. Google search then becomes the default search engine available in the devices. Moreover, there are also many features that make users easier in using the search engine. However, it does mean that Google is the only search engine. There are still other popular search engines, such as:

  • Bing
    First, there is Bing. This is the search engine made and developed by Microsoft. So far, it also becomes second largest search engine. The function is quite similar to Google. One of the interesting points about Bing is its function to search videos. When someone uses it for video search, the results are available in thumbnail and it can be previewed together with the sound. By using this, it is more efficient since users can know glimpse of content in the video without opening it directly.
  • DuckDuckGo
    This may not be popular among common users. The search engine is dedicated for those who value privacy. Privacy of user is safer compared to other search engines since it has lower risks of being tracked. The interface is simple and clean. Moreover, it is quite fast in displaying the search results. When you want to find videos, even you can watch it directly from the search results. This is very convenient to use.
  • Yahoo
    In fact, it can be said that Yahoo is older than Google. However, it becomes less popular since Google appears and grow until now. Even so, it still becomes one of the biggest search engines chosen by users. Then, it becomes the default search engine when you use Firefox browser. It is also similar to Google since it provides access for email, news, and other else.
  • Baidu
    This is the search engine used in China. Even, it becomes the biggest search engine with up to 70% of China's internet market. Since it is dedicated for people of China, it uses Mandarin language. Then, it blocks and censors some contents that does not follow regulation of government. That is why it is not as free as other search engines.

These are some popular search engines that can be found. Google is not the only one, and there are other variations. Each of them also has something interesting to offer, that even cannot be found in Google. That is why it is fine to try using some of the search engines when some information still cannot be found in Google.

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