Most Popular Search Engines and Their Interesting Features

Searching information can be done easily now. In the old days, people depended on encyclopedia to get information that they wanted to learn, especially when it talked about specific terms in certain field of science. Then, people used dictionary to get meaning of certain word. Now, these are not necessary anymore. Existences of search engine make things easier to do. Information can be obtained in few seconds, and it can be done only by typing the keyword. There is no need to open certain books for it.

Development of search engine is quite massive. It cannot be separated from the existence of internet that allows these easy access to happen. Search engine is really helpful since it can provide various information from many websites. Now, it can also be used to find location, recommendations of foods, and other else. So far, there are some popular search engines that people commonly use. These are some of them.

  • Google
    First, there is Google. It is the most popular search engine nowadays. The search engine becomes the biggest in term of users. Then, it provides many access, starting from links of websites, pictures, academic journal and papers, books, and many other else. Because of its popularity, search engine optimization also commonly focuses on Google since it has largest users in the world, and it becomes the main choice when people want to look for information by using internet.
  • Bing
    Second, there is Bing. This is different search engine and it is built and developed by Microsoft. This becomes the second biggest search engine used by people when they look for information in the internet. The search engine is quite similar to Google. However, it usually provides nice background photo and it changes every day. In addition, user can find videos easily by using Bing. The search results appear as thumbnail. This can be seen to watch the preview of video content. It also includes the audio in it.
  • DuckDuckGo
    When it talks about easy access to preview videos, DuckDuckGo can do the similar thing. Even, it can be considered better since the users can watch the video directly from the search engine. It also includes some private contents that normally may only be accessed by using VPN. In browsing picture, some filters can be applied, such as the size of picture and many else. One of the most interesting features of DuckDuckGo is about user's privacy. It is safe since users cannot be tracked easily. It is almost like automatically using incognito mode, and even it can be safer.
  • Yahoo
    For some old users, they may be still familiar with the search engine. Although now it is considered outdated, it can be called as older search engine than Google. Google appeared and then Yahoo lost its popularity. However, so far it still becomes one of the popular search engines. Moreover, it provides access to create email account as Google, and it is easy to read latest and hottest news from the search engine.

These are some popular search engines that can be found nowadays. Each of them has different features. Even if Google still becomes the most popular one, some features cannot be provided by this search engine so it is fine to try using other alternative.



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