Important Information about Backlinks for SEO

Nowadays, website has significant roles in business. Many businesses make the website more useful. The web page is not only dedicated to show profiles of business and other contents. The huge benefits of website start to emerge when there are search engines and high tendencies of people to look for various kinds of information by using the search engines. Then, website becomes parts of marketing strategies, and there is term of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When it talks about SEO, normally there will be discussion about backlink. 

In simple definition, backlink is links that will connect or direct to certain website. For example, a website can make content with link embedded on the content. The link will lead to certain website. This is the one called as backlink. In term of SEO, having more backlinks can make website has higher ranking in search engine result page or SERP. Result page will appear and show suggestions of links or website when someone uses keyword to find information or website. By having more backlink, there is higher chance for website being indexed and recognized by the search engine, so later the rank can be higher or better in SERP. 

In this case, there are some benefits of having backlinks. Of course, it can give higher ranking, and it is the main benefits. However, there are more explanations for it. The point below can provide deeper understanding about how the backlinks work and improve the ranking in SERP.

  1. Give higher organic ranking
    It is not just a claim. Many researches show that website with many links and get many backlinks from other contents can rank higher in SERP. In other word, it is as if making a website gain more popularity so later search engine can have easier ways to recognize and index the website whenever certain keywords are suitable with the web page or its contents.
  2. Get referral traffic
    The explanation can use simple logic. When someone reads certain content with backlink in it, then there is higher possibility for the reader to click the link and visit the linked website. It is because the reader may want to know more information about the content they read so they are interested to click and visit the linked website. This is how referral traffic works. In other word, website traffic gets higher since there is other contents that make people visit the website.  

Based on the explanations, then it is important to have more backlinks. Knowing this may trigger website owners to make many contents that have backlink in it. However, it cannot work easily. Search engine has developed the algorithm that makes it harder to make a backlink. In this case, users cannot just make as many backlinks as they want to do. It still needs good quality of content. For example, when there is content talking about animal such as fish, then the backlink cannot just direct the reader to website with content about gadget. These two topics have different context and there is no connection between them. Thus, these types of backlink will not work effectively.


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