Great Tips to Get Better Rank on Google

Using Google for business purposes is quite common nowadays. As the only the most used search engine by people all around the world, we have to be smart to learn about Google. As the new strategy in online shopping, we have to get the best rank in Google, so people can easily recognize and find our online shop website. Different from conventional selling, online selling needs more strategy on learning Google algorithm, keyword research, page rank, and many more.

How to Get Better Rank On Google For Your Business?

To answer the question, 90% of people agree that we have to use SEO or search engine optimization as a way to improve our rank on Google. It will help us to optimize the website and fulfill categories provide by Google so the website will appear on the first page of searching results. 

Factors That Determine Google Rank

Google algorithm is complex and connects one with the other. These factors will contribute more to the rank of the page. Google includes:

  1. Visit Duration
  2. Bounce Rate
  3. Inbound and Outbound Quality
  4. Viewers and Visitors Number
  5. Broke Link, and many more

Besides, website usability gives a significant effect on the rank on Google. Website usability is a combination of some elements such as effectiveness, efficiency, and memorability which relate to each other. It will determine how your website can be effective and efficient for all users who need certain information through keyword.

 Also, it is important to use a certain extension domain that can differentiate between your website to another website. It can be the type of your business such as .store , .game , .bag, etc. The most unique domain will remain in the visitor's mind and give a different impression.

How to Optimize Your Google Rank?

Google algorithm is always changing to determine the best website with the highest rank. Therefore, you need a way to optimize the rank as follow

  1. Optimize your website to mobile version
    Mostly, people will use a mobile phone to search for information on the internet. To make easy access, you need to optimize the website for the mobile version.
  1. Fix the broken link
    Broke link is always disturbing for your website. As visitors, they will feel satisfied once they click a certain link but it does not give useful information, only a blank page.
  1. Fix the loading time
    A picture is always helpful for the reader because they can get an illustration about a certain product or article. However, it is annoying when the big size picture takes more loading time to open the whole page. You have to compress it before upload it to your website

How to Add Business to Google Map

A good online business always provides a clear address to add a trust point to the customer. You can add your business to the map by the following steps

  1. Login to my Google business
  2. Add business location
  3. Click info
  4. Click address column
  5. Click apply

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