PhD Research Assistance


Hi, Are you a research scholar looking for PhD Research Assistance , Paper Publications and Citations service ?. We, “RPinnacle” (one of the top service providers in India) team guides you with trending research topics and assists you to till publications The program implementation can be done using tools such as MATLAB/SIMULINK, PYTHON, JAVA, NS2/NS3, GNU OCTAVE, HADOOP, SPARK etc.,


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Our domain of expertise


  • Artificial Intelligence focused on Machine learning and deep learning   concepts  (all domain covered)
  • Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations
  • Multimodal Biometrics and other biometric-related topics
  • Cloud Computing (Security, Scheduling, Load balancing problems, etc......)
  • Communication Engineering (MIMO-NOMA, MASSIVE MIMO, Cognitive networks, Cellular networks, etc....)
  • Power Electronics (converter tuning, design, etc....)
  • Power and Energy system (Distribution systems, Smart grid, PV-based optimizations,  etc...
  • Nanotechnology
  • Image Processing (Forgery, biometrics, de-noising, object recognition and classification issues, etc.......)
  • Video Processing (Surveillance videos, real videos, and others, concerned with object recognition, security, and so on)
  • Signal Processing (EEG and ECG-based disease predictions, Audio/Speech signals, Speaker diarisation, etc.....)
  • Mobile Computing
  • Life Science and Health Care
  • GeoScience and Remote Sensing
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Scheduling and Optimization in networks/cloud
  • Soft Computing
  • Networking (IoT, MANET, VANET, IoD, WSN, WBSN, etc…)
  • Data mining
  • Big data analytics (Hadoop, Mapreduce, Spark,etc.....)
  • Knowledge Engineering (NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Systems,etc....)
  • Logistics and supply chain Management ( Blockchain, churn prediction, stock market analysis, etc...)
  • Weather forecast, agricultural activity-related predictions
  • Software Engineering (test suite minimization, selection, flaw detection, and so on)
  • Online fraud/Illegal activities monitoring and all other engineering related domains.             
  • All M.E. Projects etc..


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