About Us

DirectoryCodes is one of the biggest web directory service that provides listing of websites that might be beneficial for you. Our list of websites is free to look at and categorized manually with sophisticated technique. DirectoryCodes was established in 2011 whilst many websites starts to grow up and demanded as the source of business information.

Web directory is the source of information needed by people to search services, products, local merchants and any others that needed by society. As the time goes by, many business have moved into the online industries that makes websites became one of the popular tool as a marketing strategy. With high demand, and the bright future opportunities, we as a small startup at that time began to create a useful website to provide beneficial information.

The benefits for the customer is that they can find any information they needed in a matter of minutes. Looking for a need in this site is easy as pointing your finger. At the same time, this site is also becoming a very useful tool to introduce business, websites, services, from many business owners to increase the chances of a company being recognized for a larger scale. The business will grow gradually stronger and has a wider range of net sales.

DirectoryCodes is not a mere link gathering site. This directory site prioritizes the quality and benefits of content rather than just link exchanges which are not necessarily useful. The superiority of this site is that this site has a long domain validity period. So, the website link displayed here will be displayed for a long period of time as well. This will increase the chance for customers to find your business in the long run.

We intend to provide useful information for society and we will. Even so, we cannot deny that we definitely have many shortcomings. Your critics and suggestions are very welcome! This will become our motivation to maintain this site properly to develop even better.


DirectoryCodes Team