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DirectoryCodes is one of the biggest web directory service that provides listing of websites that might be beneficial for you. Our list of websites is free to look at and categorized manually with sophisticated technique. DirectoryCodes was established in 2011 whilst many websites starts to grow up and demanded as the source of business information.

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Optimizing your Website with Free Web Directory

Are you working on a project which needs optimization on your webpage? Working to place your page at page one in a search engine or specifically, Google, is a hard-working thing. It takes more than just a good instinct to work, but also persistency. When you consider optimizing your webpage, you can get the best search engine optimization strategy that suits you the most. As you might learn about SEO, you will also need to understand about directory list. Indeed, choosing a good strategy to boost your SEO will be essential for you.

Understanding Web Directory List

A free web directory list is one of the most important things you need to prepare when you want to optimize your website. As you want to optimize your website to get more visitors and profits, you can get lots of factors that will determine whether your strategy is successful or not. So, you can improve the way you optimize your webpage by learning more about on-page and off-page SEO. However, getting the fundamental knowledge and skill about SEO can help you to put your website on the first page of Google.

On-page SEO is simpler to learn as all you need to do is making a good article and put the keywords in the right place. However, it can be significant for everyone who works with websites. In case of having a good on-page SEO score, one must apply the right strategy. When it comes to you to learn about off-page SEO, things can be more technical. Thus, you need to know the terms and other things related to off-page SEO that will help you to work on your website.

A directory list is one of the most essential things you need to prepare when you are about to optimize your website. As you can get lots of factors that will be important to optimize, the off-page SEO makes your website more credible by adding the resources to make your website more trustworthy. It works by adding some links that will be accessible to increase your credibility on the internet. As you might think about the workloads when working with off-page SEO, you can explore more for getting the right result.

Working with a web directory when you do the off-page SEO is quite challenging. As you choose the right website to add to your backlinks, you might find it quite worrying to know whether the website is suitable for you or not. Thanks to the web directory list, you can find the right website that will help you optimize the website. A web directory or some people call it a listing directory, is a yellow page on the internet. It consists of a web address that will be grouped into some categories. The main purpose is to display the websites based on the categories, which then will be added with backlinks.

The Free Web Directory Definition

Getting more insights about the web directory can be quite important for you. When you think about the right website to add to your backlinks, then you can find one on the list. If you look for the right website, you will be able to scroll through the list to find the one that suits you the most. It can be quite unique and challenging for some people, but it will be worth trying for the ones who want to improve their website. Choosing the website can be quite challenging, but if you keep on trying to find the best, you will find it immediately.

If you think the web directory looks like a search engine, then it isn't. These two things are extremely different and have a different purpose. When the search engine displays the result for searched keywords, the web directory will only show the website names in categories and sub-categories. Almost all of the web directories cannot be found in web crawlers.

Web directory shows the whole content of a website, not only specific to some keywords in the website. For example, the website X will be placed in a particular category, which specifically defines the website. Besides, the website X will not appear in other categories. It can be simple for you to find the websites that will be useful for your needs,

One can register their website to the web directory but they need to get their registration to be approved by the admin of the web directory they’re applying. If the registration has been approved, then the website and the link will be displayed on the web directory and put in a particular category. There’s one thing to note; you need to be careful with the RSS that looks just like a web directory. It usually only displays the RSS feeds than the backlinks to the main website.

The Contents of Web Directory

Free link directory will not only display the website based on the category, but also the region and the language of the website. Even some directories also put some limitations, that makes only some websites with a particular category will be allowed to register based on the region, language, or other aspects. One type of limited directory is the shopping directory that consists of an e-commerce website list.

Back to the function of the web directory, it shows the information about thousands of websites. It also gives the link to your website, increasing the website's credibility for you. When it comes to you to choose the web directory, you need to choose the one with a good domain matrix. It affects the domain authority and page authority, which will give an impact on the improvements of the backlink quality and SERP Google position. Thankfully, most of the web directory on the internet is free to access. However, there are some web directories that need to be paid to access.

Web Directory for Business

If you work as an optimizer for the website, then you need to know a lot about the web directory. Nowadays, as people tend to choose information from the internet, getting the business directory for a business-related website is necessary. In case of getting the websites with a credible score, you need to be aware of the website and its directory. When you work on the optimization of a business website, you need to know the credibility of the backlinks you use. Make sure you get the directory from the relevant resource.

If you build a blog, you will also need to get the right backlinks so you don't get any disappointment when working with it. Building a blog will also be a good way to improve your business. It can give you more profits, so you don't have to worry about the credibility and domain authority of your blog. Don't worry, you can find lots of free business directories that will suit your need. The directory can be quite unique and good, so you can explore more about it on the internet.

Improving your blog credibility is indeed important to build your brand and self-branding. Although it can be quite challenging, you still can learn to improve it to get the right result. As you find lots of benefiting directory for your need, you can also build your website so it will give you the right result and the profit you’re looking for. Blogs can also be a good alternative to improve your business, as many people tend to get information from digital platforms. So, don't hesitate to get the one that will help you work with the progress.

The Use of Web Directory Listing

As we mentioned before, the web directory is different than the search engine. When search engines accept all websites and its articles, the web directory is selected accurately without letting a single error to pass. The search engine can display unrelated information to the users, while the web directory will not accept all websites. They will select the website based on the contents, interface, and others. Website directories only accept the ones that display rich content with high quality. All of the websites in the web directory are reviewed manually, so it will not give any bad results for everyone.

If you have low-quality content on the website, don't wish for approval from the web directory. It is important for the web directory as it will keep the loyalty of the visitors. Indeed, the satisfaction of the web directory visitors will affect to the future revisit from the visitors. You can also put the web directory on your page to be a promotional material.

The web directory is one of the most important things when you want to get a good quality backlink. All of the websites can be selected to find the best result from the web directory. However, it gives more relevant traffic than the ones from the search engine. Many people report that their sales get bigger by using the web directory listing. People can choose the category and the description of the websites will be displayed on it. The specific result will make it even simpler for the visitors to choose what they need from the website.

The Types of Web Directory

The website directory will be more to the listing of websites. In case of learning about the web directories, there are 8 things you need to know:

  1. Free submission will let website owners to register their website for free. Although you don’t need to pay, the registration can be quite strict due to the high-quality requirements.
  2. The reciprocal link will also be a good option. Just like its name, the website will only show on your page once you put their link on your website, making it a reciprocal business between you and the web owner.
  3. No reciprocal link will not require any backlink from your website their theirs. It seems more than free submission as it doesn’t require any payment.
  4. Paid submission will work once you pay them. You can pay once for the service or in terms.
  5. No follow will show the ‘nofollow' code on the website. It will make the search engine to consider them as a mundane backlink. It will give a neutral impact on SEO and SERP.
  6. A featured listing is also an option. You can get a special position in one or more categories, even on the homepage. It looks more like ads.
  7. Bid for the position will work just like bidding to get the right position, usually the top position.
  8. Affiliate links will give commission to the affiliates as they endorse the link to the visitors of the categories.

Many web directories are available to suit your need. When you choose for a good web directory, then you need to find the one that will be good to try.

The Best Web Directory Above All is the best and free web listing index that you can find on the internet. We provide listing of websites from A to Z to provide you the information you needed. This site is also created to help site owners and webmasters to advertise their websites. Indeed, good websites need publicity, and here is your best possible publicity! Listing your site in a search engine and web directories will help to ease people in finding your sites. It will improve your sites engagement; visitors and it is a good promotion for your websites. Get your websites listed here and your sites surely be boosted.

Preparing your Sites

Preparing for your web before registering to Directorycodes is important. So, make sure you get a good on-page SEO to improve your website credibility. Make sure you do the following tips to get your website boosted before getting listed!

  1. The interface is a key for you. Make sure you have a good interface that will make the visitors feel happy and will access the web easily. It makes your website to be pleasing to see. As it also adds more user experiences, your visitors will love the result!
  2. The contents are what you need to prepare. Starting with the good, informative articles will help you grab more attention from the visitors. Besides, the high-quality content will be a key to a better interaction with visitors.

Registering Your Website to Our Directory

If you want to be a part of the Directorycodes, you need to register your website address here in Directorycodes. The registration is easy and fun! We have 3 packages for you, the free package, the premium package, and the super-premium package.

Our directory is sorted manually based on each category that will make million people who want to search your websites feel convenient and easy to find yours! Even our free package will also boost your site to get on the top of list! Go register your sites immediately!